Progressive Folk

A little bit folksy, a little bit progressive. That's what you get when you mix influences from Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Beach Boys, Paul Simon, David Francey and Fred Eaglesmith.

Currently residing in Ottawa Ont, Gary is playing guitar and writing songs from the heart. Born in Cold Lake Alberta into a military family, he travelled to Europe, Ottawa and Trenton. His father was often away on sorties and other exercises. The travelling and apart is reflected in the underlying themes.

His first album, 12 Fridays, is the culmination of a few years worth of in writing in what he terms, Phase Three.

The Early phase, was the teen years. He explored a variety of writing styles from pure trash punk to a duet, but admittedly, in the end "They weren't very notable"

The Second phase began with the forming of the basement band, Wiplash. The band gained mild notoriety in the depths of Brampton and compose an EP of original songs. When marriages and babies came along, the project was shelved.

The Third phase began with Guitar at Work, run by Shane Simpson. Shane's style rekindled Gary's songwriting passion again, and this time around the work is worthy.

"It all started with a simple 4 chords, really. C, Em, Dm G. Shane was reviewing chord progressions and I got this one stuck in my head. I took it over to a friends house and when she plunked a picture of her daughter on the table in front of me, it all came together."

The second of two children he lost his brother Brian in 1987. This was the inspiration for Life Goes On. "I dug deep for that one. There's a lot of emotion there."

Like the first phase, the songs again explore a wide range of styles, from the unintentional country feel of the sing-a-long 'Hey How Are You', to the playful playgrounds of childhood in "Blue Sky Day". The well crafted lyrics, catchy melodies and sing-a-long choruses will be replaying in your head long after the music stops.

Notable? Indeed.

Gary is professionally trained in computers and electronics. He has almost 26 years experience at Nortel Networks in Software Design and Manufacturing Test Engineering. He brings his detail oriented skill set nessessary for software development into his songwriting. "Software coding requires a high degree of concentrated effort and endless tweaking to acheive high degree of quality. Songwriting is the same. You can never be satisfied. Tou have to get inside and get lost in the details."